WMT 90112/90102 24VDC GEARMOTORS

Specifically designed for wheelchairs, these 200 Watt motors are optimized for high performance and longer range. The performance of these motors makes them ideal for any Indoor/Outdoor wheelchair. They are perfect to use with any Dynamic control system.

Supplied complete, these motors are ready for mounting on a wheelchair. Ordered as a pair each Dynamic Wheelchair Motor includes; motor, gearbox, clutch, park brake, DX connector, and mounting brackets.

Powerful permanent magnets ensure high efficiency and remarkable speed regulation, giving higher performance and longer range.

  • Low noise and maintenance free
  • Hardened worm and spur gears
  • One piece worm and armature shaft
  • Fully sealed using high quality seals

A built-in clutch allows the wheelchair to be pushed when it is not being driven. The spline clutch system is easily operated by the external release handle. Precision machining guarantees little backlash.

Connectors included
Supplied with DX motor connectors pre-fitted. The Dynamic Wheelchair Motors are plug compatible with both the DX Control System and the DL Controller, fitted with DX connectors.

The motors can be mounted directly to the wheelchair frame or to a flat plate.


S p e c i f i c a t i o n s 

Motor type                            24V, Permanent Magnet            

No load speed output shaft     120rpm       

Bearings/seals                        Ball Bearings, radial oil seals    

Gear ratio                              32.88:1       

Parking brake type                  Electromechanical 24VDC 

Insulation                              Class F                

No load current                     <3.3A                                      

Motor resistance                    250mOhms

Continuous current                  8.0Amp                                   

Weight                                  5.5 Kg           

Power output max                   250W @ 65 rpm                       

Motor frame finish                 Black

constant                             1.1 Nm/A                                

Typical Backlash                     1.5                 

Max Torque                           55Nm                                     

Protection class                      IP54                

Parking brake holding torque   >50 Nm at output shaft  





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