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         Rosstron, Inc.                                         Tel: +1(310)539-6293

   P.O. Box 848                                                                    

     Harbor City, CA  90710                                   sales@rosstron.com       

 Rosstron, Inc.  was  founded  in 1987 as a manufacturer, distributor and repair center  for  electric vehicle drive systems and components - Anything battery powered from toys to locomotives.  Rosstron's president and CEO Hamish Bell has had many years of worldwide experience in the design and manufacture of DC motor controls and  remembers proudly the "sparky" days of testing circuits with a  light  bulb  and  flash wire.  He still has the charred screwdrivers and "holy" pliers as reminders of how  not to do it!

The  company has always been at the forefront of new and affordable controls and  systems, and  its  extensive  international  list  of  suppliers  and contacts maintain both good prices and the latest technology.

Our distribution partnerships mean we can supply the world's best controls, systems and parts, and can now even control vehicles and processes remotely, using the power of internet!  We have, by design, remained small and  responsive  and  look  forward  to  your enquiries  and  special  vehicle projects.

Thank you for your interest.


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